Cut Costs for Your Special Day

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Camera Shy Wedding

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Appropriate Wordings For Wedding

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Why You Should Consider Creating A Wedding

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A Wedding in Italy Stunning Venues

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Wedding Picture Frames

Remember when the typical wedding picture frame was dark brown, wood-edged and hung on the hallway wall? This was usually because it was so ugly!

Today we have a plethora of wedding picture frames to choose from, and they are beautiful. There are many styles and themes available now, and these type of wedding frames have become common as a treasured wedding gift.

New frames include those that can be signed by wedding guests as a keepsake, silver-plated frames, filigree styles, and antique-looking pewter designs, depending on the bride and groom’s personal taste.

A recent innovation is the personalized wedding picture frame, with the bride and groom’s names engraved on the wooden or metal frame in a cursive or contemporary type style. Some frames can include a copy of the wedding invitation. There is also a large variety of frames to choose from that form a cover for a small photo album or CD/DVD case.

If you want a gift that is extra special, you can choose a canvas portrait of one of the bridal couple’s wedding photos. These canvas portraits can range in size from 5 x 5 inches to 24 x 36