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Wedding Photography

If you are a good photographer, and you’re considering getting into the wedding photography field, thinking outside the box can be a good idea.

More and more couples these days are looking to make their ceremonies and everything that is a part of them unique, and one way to do this is to have pictures taken that are not considered the “normal” kind.

As a photographer, you can brand yourself as someone who stands out from the crowd because of your innovative ideas for marriage ceremony pictures.

Getting the Word Out

If you’re going to specialize in something other than the standard type of wedding photography, you want people to know this! It’s important that you don’t just put up ads saying that you take pictures at marriages, because people will automatically assume you take the standard types of pictures.

Come up with a good name for your business, one that reflects your particular spin on taking wedding photos. Create a good slogan, and some sales copy that lets people know that they’re going to get uniqueness when they hire you.

Personalizing for the Couple

One of the ways of being unique when it comes to your wedding photography is to personalize the photos for each client pair. Ask them about such things as their lives, their interests, what kind of marriage ceremony they’re going to have and what they want to portray to the world as a couple.

For instance, if they are very much into nature, try to take pictures of them with the best natural backgrounds. Ask them to walk through the nearby flower garden, if there is one, and take un-posed pictures of them. Try to catch the personalities of each person, in the pair. Show them together, but also apart, or with their close friends. Take posed pictures if they want them, but try to get animated shots as well of the couple just being themselves.

Building a portfolio

As you get more wedding photography jobs, save your favorite pictures and add them to your portfolio. Be sure to get permission from the people who are in them to show them as samples.

An easy way to do this is to simply talk to the couple beforehand and have them sign a release allowing you to use any of their pictures as advertisements. In most cases, they would be happy to oblige.

You can make your wedding photography career one that is interesting and exciting, and it can often grow into more and different types of picture-taking jobs.

Wedding Photography Ideas You Might Want To Try

Most professional photographers these days are coming up with a line-up of unique concepts that can effectively cater to the distinct personalities of the subjects. The trends in wedding photography are always changing. They are recognizing that not all couples are conventional and want to follow the traditional fairy-tale concept where everything is bright and perfect; therefore, they offer innovative and flexible concepts that are more fitting for these special clients.

But the cool thing is that these slightly out-of-the-ordinary wedding photography themes are becoming the trends, claim professional photographers. Wedding photography that effectively represents the distinctive style preferences of today’s couples is now becoming really popular.

Listed below are the current extraordinary trends in wedding photography expert photographers highly recommend for soon-to-wed couples that want a break from tradition.

Vintage Black and White

A lot of brides actually particularly love the vintage appeal of black and white photographs. Vintage never really gets “old,” and the black and white treatment for photos is applicable to all the other wedding photography trends. Whether couples are having a classic and romantic hall wedding, or having a hippie style ceremony and reception in the woods, the vintage black and white concept can easily be achieved.

The Wet Concept

Couples are taken to the beach or the pool in their wedding garb and the photos are taken as they have fun in the water.

Trash the Dress

This is perfect for brides who are anything but sweet and dainty. This particular concept for wedding photography looks like it comes straight out of high fashion magazines. It’s creative but raw and fun; plus, it can be carried out in a variety of ways. Photographers bring paint, confetti, grease, and a motley assortment of things to that can be used to really destroy the bridal dress (which is often something rented from the studio or purchased for cheap from thrift stores or yard sales). The overall appeal achieved is very nineties grunge or rocker-chic.

You and Me Against the World

Examples are wedding photos taken in the midst of traffic or while the couple is running against the crowd. It’s very artistic and dramatic, but what’s particularly nice about this type of wedding photography is that it provides a very romantic story.

Gift Ideas for Photo Canvas

Photos on canvas are art pieces that can be used as a good gift idea to someone special. If you are one of those people who are seeking for a special gift idea for your loved one on special occasions, you might want to consider making canvas arts using photographs.

As of today, there are a lot of companies offering custom canvas prints to potential clients who are fond of making canvas wall arts which rapidly turned into photographs on canvas, making this work of art as a form of artistic creation. Both professional and non-professional photographers will be able to make their captured digital images into a framed canvas prints.

A perfect gift for any occasions- photo canvas arts are somehow one of the innovative ways to present a special gift to friends and relatives. Here are some great ideas to where photo canvas prints could be used with.

Wedding Pictures

Weddings are one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life. It is where they exchange their love vows with each other and keep promises to last forever. Photos for this event will surely be an ideal image detail for canvas arts because it will be a good memorabilia for wedding photos which can last for a lifetime. Most companies with canvas art services offer 30-40 years of warranty service for their products in case it fades, so you need not to worry about your canvas print to put into trash after years.

Birth and Baby Photos

Parents would love to see baby pictures of their children. One always have this good feeling when seeing baby pictures so they make use of canvas printing services as a way to preserve baby photos.

Christmas or Holiday Themed Family Portraits

Modern families are trying to pick out the best present that they will give to friends and relatives for the Yuletide season. Scanned photos of your family made as a canvas art will be a great gift for people that you miss and love the most. Christmas themed portraits as canvas work will not only make as a good present but as well as a good way to share your best family photos to your loved ones.

Landscape, Nature and Wildlife Images

For a more personal touch, one can use photos that he or she has captured. These kinds of canvas prints will be a good detail for home decorations since it will have a light subject of imagery. Almost all people love collecting photos of nature and wildlife inspired photos and making it as a canvas art will be a unique gift for them.

There are still other good ideas when it comes to making canvas wall arts and photos. Depending on what type of occasion and preference, canvas arts will be the perfect gift because of the originality that it exemplifies since one will be using photos on canvas.

Prepare to amaze your friends and relatives with gifts that will help them remember you as the giver. Make canvas arts uniquely with photos that show the greatest moments of life.

Simple Steps to Make Your Wedding

When Queen Victoria turned her back on the traditional silver wedding dress of her day and chose to wear white, a color which for her symbolized purity, she solidified a growing trend into tradition.

Young brides around England began following in their queen’s footsteps, and generations down the line when the memory of a young queen’s rebellion is lost and the pure color of the dress is taken for granted, you are probably following too, searching for that perfect ivory dress for that perfect day. The bride and groom are plagued by many questions: how can they and their family afford a wonderful wedding? How can they show one another how important they are to each? How to spice up the wedding–make it traditional, yet innovative? A little creative thinking goes a long way.

When it comes time to give your new spouse a wedding gift, what could be more romantic than giving him or her a place among the stars? Literally. The International Star Registry is the final arbiter when it comes to naming stars.

It has named them for dignitaries and celebrities around the world, and for a mere $48 your loved one could be up there among the Mandelas and Sinatras. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll receive a package that includes a certificate (framed or unframed) with the name of the person you paid to name the star after, dedication date, coordinates of the star, a chart with the star circled in red, and a booklet that charts constellations. The star names are copyrighted and listed with their coordinates in the book ‘Your Place in the Cosmos’.

And what about bridesmaid dresses for the wedding day? Shop for them during the holiday season at department stores like Sears. They carry great selections of evening dresses marketed towards seasonal Christmas and New Years parties, but the dresses would work beautifully as bridesmaid dresses, and plus, they’re cheap! And make sure both you and your bridesmaids break in your shoes before the wedding day.

On that special day, you don’t want to be uncomfortable and distracted because your feet are killing you. Wear them around the house a few hours a day for weeks before the wedding–it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

When hiring a photographer, don’t automatically assume they’re legit when you visit his studio and see the walls covered with beautiful wedding photos. Although it may be true that the photographer in question actually took these splendid wedding photos, it’s often the case that they are part of a subtle deception.

The photos are plastered on the wall with the intention to deceive you into assuming that the photographer who tacked them up there took them, while at the same time making it impossible to accuse the photog of any outright deception. After all, the photographer never said they were his, did he? So how do you make sure you’re picking a legit photographer? Always ask for references from clients that came before you, and check them.

Once you’ve made it down the aisle and out into your car, remember the origin of those tin cans clinking merrily tied to the back of your car. The tradition came about a long time ago, when objects that made noise were tied to the back of a new couples’ carriage to keep away the evil spirits. Listen to those cans clinking away the bad will, and know that happy days are ahead.