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Successful Wedding Photographers

It may be your passion to maintain a book which would entirely consist of wedding photographs. In order to maintain a successful wedding photographers book, it is necessary for you to take a stock of a few wedding photography books. If you are a beginner, this stock of collection would definitely help you.

It has been the task of the such photographers to maintain a book of their collection. In order to fulfill your desire, you need to collect these. Since wedding photography is a huge collection, the responsibility of collection and maintenance is also quite huge.

In this article, we will give you few tips from successful wedding photographers so that you can easily make a successful photographers book.

With change in time, there is also a change in style. You should always try to put forward your new and innovative ideas while you click the wedding photos and maintain a book. As a result, it is necessary for you to keep your eyes and ears open while you take the wedding photos.

You will not require any extraordinary portfolio. When you click and show the sample of your photographs to any one, make sure that they get the feeling of their presence. Do remember to plan, focus and then execute. This is an extraordinary way by means of which you can become a successful wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is a completely different type of photography from the other kinds. If you have a collection of successful photographers book, you will get a fair idea of how to be ready in all situations to take the photographs. These collections of books would guide you in the right direction.

It is quite natural that once you click the photographs and make a book, you want them to get noticed by people. This is your first step to become one of the successful wedding photographers.

The wedding photographer’s book can act as a reference for you before any wedding. With this book, you will be able to know the necessary requisites of photography before each wedding. Your wedding seminar can also become successful if you can go through these books. The successful wedding photographers book will help you to get motivated.

If you follow these tips, you would surely know the way to create the trendy but elegant wedding albums. These kinds of albums are in fact, most sought after by majority of the brides today.

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photographs that stand out…

It has been said time and again that a picture is worth a thousand words. For many couples when the big day comes along there are lingering- and often times anxious- questions of where and what kinds of pictures should be taken to truly capture the essence of this magical day. To help ease this anxiety here are a few ideas that I have utilized to help make the big day even more memorable.

The Park
It may sound like an overused venue, but the park is a classic that captures some of the most romantic photographic moments. Photos in the park surrounded by nature and greenery will slow down the atmosphere in your photo collage and add romance to the hustle and bustle of wedding ceremonies. Some popular spots include: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Rosemont Park, and Lincoln Park.

The Big City
If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle on your big day there’s no better place than downtown Chicago! If the park is just a little too quiet for you, I suggest going into the city for a shoot. Popular destinations which all Chicagoans know of include Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park and Navy Pier. There are also however some lesser known photo spots such as: the Picasso Monument, the Adler Planetarium beachfront, and State Street.

On Location Engagement Shots
Engagement pictures are often overlooked, but these shots are an intricate part of any wedding package. Engagement shots give couples the chance to relax and be themselves in photos before the big day. One favorite idea that I have for couples is to shoot at a place where they either first met or another special place they share. These photos add a great personal touch.

The Preparations
As any couple will tell you, a wedding doesn’t just put itself together! The preparations for this day begin months and even years in advance. An idea that couples have really loved over the years is to take photographs of the Bride’s dress on a hanger, close-ups of all of the bridal accessories, and flowers. Pictures of these things will put an emphasis on all the preparation that goes into the big day.

Digital Photo Collage
One of the newest and most innovative ideas out there is a digital photo collage. Many couples I have worked with have given me many photos of them, their friends and family and I then scan them and post them in a slideshow on a flat screen and the banquet hall. By combining the engagement photos, baby pictures, and other photos the couple and guests have the opportunity to reminisce about the past and look forward to the future!

Winter Wedding Photos

The winter season may give you lots of wonderful memories, despite the freezing weather. If you are planning to have a winter wedding, it will be much advantageous in many ways. The following are several ideas to make your winter wedding very memorable, unique and fun.


Use your creative juices to the max and try out your ideas regarding the theme and winter gowns that would generate theatrical effect to the event. During this season you can book any venues without difficulty, hence planning can be a lot easier for you, as well as managing the whole event.


Consider the number of your guests when looking for a venue. Ensure that the place has an efficient heating system to avoid causing chill and discomfort to your guests. The place can be a historic palace, mansion, castle or your favorite club or a nearby inn. The guests should get to access the area easily even if there is an expected increase in snowfall, thus, checking the vicinity of your venue prior the event will certainly give you the heads up. On your winter wedding, photos are a must, so make sure there are areas in the venue where your guests can pose and take pictures.

Arrival at the Venue

Innovative ideas can be very useful during winter season. Instead of arriving with a lavish limo, why not rent a carriage with a white horse? This is very elegant and will make you feel like a royalty in your wedding photos.

Winter Wedding Decorations

Your wedding venue may already have its interior decorated, but you may want to add some of your personal touches just to give the place a bit of a face-lift. You may use various winter accents such as pine cones, ivy leaves, pumpkin gourds, fir and Baby’s Breath. Using some transparent fishing line, you can hand synthetic snowflakes. Elegant candles in silvery candelabras can be arranged on the tables covered with white tablecloths with silver glitters. Choose a centerpiece that would complement the color of your tablecloths, as well as the other decorations.

Winter wedding gowns

Planning for a wedding would not be complete without choosing the right wedding dress apt for the winter season. Looking hot on a freezing weather is very important for a lot of ladies. You have the option of going for the icy theme and wear heavily laced satin for your outfit. Off-shoulder wedding dresses are not suitable for the winter season. But, if you would really want to wear that strappy gown, you can always have shawls, velvet wraps or hooded capes that would simply look very elegant with your wedding dress. Match your gown with the appropriate and elegant jewelry to add to the fresh look you will have in your wedding. You winter wedding photos will be more interesting if you add other colors that will contrast the winter white, such as greys, glittering silvers and frosty blue.


Sticking to the frosty chilly theme of your wedding, you can design your white cake with snowflake outlines. Setting up sugar and ice sculptures could definitely add an awesome effect to the food. You can also add on a white chocolate fountain with fruits to really bring the excitement in your wedding.

Using your imagination and being creative as you can be will definitely help you plan a very memorable and awesome winter wedding. Wedding photos should also be part of your planning, like hiring an official photographer or buying yourselves the latest digital camera available in the market, to capture all the intimate moments you, as a couple, will be sharing in this very special event and you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Wedding Picture Frames

Remember when the typical wedding picture frame was dark brown, wood-edged and hung on the hallway wall? This was usually because it was so ugly!

Today we have a plethora of wedding picture frames to choose from, and they are beautiful. There are many styles and themes available now, and these type of wedding frames have become common as a treasured wedding gift.

New frames include those that can be signed by wedding guests as a keepsake, silver-plated frames, filigree styles, and antique-looking pewter designs, depending on the bride and groom’s personal taste.

A recent innovation is the personalized wedding picture frame, with the bride and groom’s names engraved on the wooden or metal frame in a cursive or contemporary type style. Some frames can include a copy of the wedding invitation. There is also a large variety of frames to choose from that form a cover for a small photo album or CD/DVD case.

If you want a gift that is extra special, you can choose a canvas portrait of one of the bridal couple’s wedding photos. These canvas portraits can range in size from 5 x 5 inches to 24 x 36 inches, and even larger. The smaller portraits are designed to stand on a small easel on a table, while the larger canvases are generally placed on a wall.

Is a wedding picture frame a good gift for the new bride and groom? Currently, this type of gift has become popular because it is the right size, easily personalized, and something that can easily become an heirloom.

Picture frames also make a lovely gift for the bridal party. It is customary for the bride to buy something special for her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and a unique frame is something that most women will cherish. A discriminating groom may also choose a silver frame as a gift for his best man or groomsmen.