Cut Costs for Your Special Day

When it comes to weddings, we all have a mental checklist of things a wedding must have, and these items are based on long standing traditions that have stood the test of More »

Camera Shy Wedding

When the vows have been made, the cake has been cut and a happy couple has driven off into the sunset, what remains of a wedding day? Memories certainly, but memories fade More »

Appropriate Wordings For Wedding

A well written wedding thank you card is one of the most polite ways in which you can thank your guests for attending your special day. When it comes to writing wedding More »

Why You Should Consider Creating A Wedding

It is commonly popular for couples to set up a wedding website to post information on their upcoming weddings to friends and guests. The purpose to have such a website is that More »

A Wedding in Italy Stunning Venues

A growing trend is that of couples who seek interesting locations for their weddings. A popular matrimonial hot spot is romantic Italy, which is known for attracting people because of its beauty, More »

Wedding Photography

Many wedding photographers failed to realize that there are other business opportunities that could complement their current venture. For instance, wedding photographers could easily increase their product line by adding photo gifts. This will give them more leverage in increasing their sales. In this article, I will discuss photo gift products that work best for wedding photographs and ways to increase your product line with very little investment.

As a wedding photographer, you have several advantages that many photo gift retailers lack. For example, your expertise, photo editing skills, copyright protection, and most importantly, customers’ trust. On my experience as a photo gift retailer and manufacture, many customers want to use professionally photographed pictures for their purchase. But in order to do this, the customer would need to complete a Copyright Release Form that must be signed by the photographer. We can only reprint those photographs to our gift items when we received the Copyright Release Form. This is a major inconvenience to our customers and a disadvantage on our part. You, as the photographer, can reap the benefits in offering your customers to convert their photos into photo

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding guest book is one of the most special memoirs from your wedding. However, the time-honored tradition of the paper guest book in paper is slowly changing and many new innovative ideas for wedding guest books are becoming popular. If you are willing to take a walk on the wild (or mild) side, please consider one or more of the following ideas for your upcoming ceremony.

Lampshades Aren’t Just For Party Hats

So what if you are not the party animal you used to be? Now you can put that neglected corner table lamp to use by using the lampshade as a guest book. Just place the lamp on the reception table with a permanent marker, and your guests can sign their names and wedding wishes for posterity. Simply explain that people will be writing on the shade and it should complement your wedding theme. The lamp then becomes a daily memory of your special day when you bring it back home, perhaps finally in a better location!

You’ve Been Framed

Every couple has at least one favorite wedding photo. And it goes without saying

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photographs that stand out…

It has been said time and again that a picture is worth a thousand words. For many couples when the big day comes along there are lingering- and often times anxious- questions of where and what kinds of pictures should be taken to truly capture the essence of this magical day. To help ease this anxiety here are a few ideas that I have utilized to help make the big day even more memorable.

The Park
It may sound like an overused venue, but the park is a classic that captures some of the most romantic photographic moments. Photos in the park surrounded by nature and greenery will slow down the atmosphere in your photo collage and add romance to the hustle and bustle of wedding ceremonies. Some popular spots include: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Rosemont Park, and Lincoln Park.

The Big City
If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle on your big day there’s no better place than downtown Chicago! If the park is just a little too quiet for you, I suggest

Cut Costs for Your Special Day

When it comes to weddings, we all have a mental checklist of things a wedding must have, and these items are based on long standing traditions that have stood the test of time. These include a white bridal gown and a matching veil, a diamond ring, just to name a few. However, companies these days have drastically inflated the price of these items in a vile attempt to ransom our sentimentality to make a profit, and that’s truly tragic. However, the good news is that there are less costly alternatives to help you save big on your wedding without sacrificing your perfect day.

First and foremost, let’s consider the power of discount decor. Weddings tend to have an “only the best” mentality, and while I understand the reason for this, it’s simply not necessary. For example, why not get cheap silverware from Macy’s, or just bring your own from home? Likewise, there are many ways to save on wedding staples that would otherwise be exorbitantly expensive. You could bake your own wedding cake, for example, and prepare the food yourself instead of hiring expensive catering services. You could even skimp on the floral arrangements by going

Camera Shy Wedding

When the vows have been made, the cake has been cut and a happy couple has driven off into the sunset, what remains of a wedding day? Memories certainly, but memories fade and as they do, special moments get lost. That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure that you give plenty of attention to choosing a wedding photographer or film maker when planning your wedding. Some brides, in the on-going battle to create a unique and innovative wedding, have even come up with some other ways to capture their special day.

Wedding Photographers
Choosing the right wedding photographer is difficult, but essential. Photography is becoming an increasingly popular form of art so the likelihood is, you will know someone who professes to have a flair for it. While for some, enlisting the services of a friend or relative could be the perfect, budget-saving solution, perfectionists should think again. There are no second attempts when it comes to wedding photographs so if you are not happy with them once they’ve been developed, it will be incredibly disappointing.

There are many different ways of finding a wedding photographer. These include personal recommendations, online directories, wedding fairs or

Appropriate Wordings For Wedding

A well written wedding thank you card is one of the most polite ways in which you can thank your guests for attending your special day. When it comes to writing wedding thank you cards, there are many ways in which you can make them heartfelt and sincere. Ensure that you have your guest list ready so that you can write the thank you notes and send them off immediately to the respective guests.

Many people prefer to write wedding thank you notes since it adds a personal touch to the notes. This sometimes can be a boring or a tedious task, especially if your guest list is long. Some of the gifts might come before your wedding and some after. This is the reason why the timeframe for the thank you cards should be at least eight weeks after your wedding.

One of the simplest method to write wedding thank you cards is at the time of opening your wedding gifts. You may come across many online stores that sell thank you note kits that come with different assortments of stamps, card stickers, envelopes and many more. You can even add some personal items such

Why You Should Consider Creating A Wedding

It is commonly popular for couples to set up a wedding website to post information on their upcoming weddings to friends and guests.

The purpose to have such a website is that it provides a channel for the newlyweds to post their information on in such as wedding photos and announcements. In today’s Internet era, having a wedding website is a quick way to get your wedding message across.

So what exactly does a wedding website need to have?

You could add information such as the

  • Wedding reception information
  • Wedding photos
  • Forms for rsvp
  • Online guestbook for well wishers

If you are innovative enough, you could add on a blog to include information on your wedding preparation. This would add a more personal note.

So what are the plus points to create one?

You can

  • Post your updated information on the web on your wedding reception on venue. If there are changes, you could inform your guests on a timely manner.
  • Post your lovely pictures of the wedding day.
  • Include a short biography of both of you, including pictures to let guests know about you.

A Wedding in Italy Stunning Venues

A growing trend is that of couples who seek interesting locations for their weddings. A popular matrimonial hot spot is romantic Italy, which is known for attracting people because of its beauty, special ambiance, fine wine, and tasteful food. Italy is traditionally a land of passion, love, and romance. It is a place you and your wedding guests will certainly enjoy visiting.

So send out those invitations, pick out some Italian wedding favors, and you’ll be on your way to an amazing experience! Italy is one of the most beautiful and temperate countries in the world – a perfect place to embark on a new life together. The breathtaking scenery of the various regions will give you gorgeous sightseeing opportunities. Italy is also the home of some of the greatest works of art. What better destination to declare your love than surrounded by the beautiful works of Florence, Venice, and Rome?

There are many lovely locations for weddings in Italy. Historical churches, town halls, and other popular landmarks can set the perfect picture for exchanging vows. Many of these buildings are impressive, with stunning architecture that contains vaulted ceilings and elegantly painted frescoes. Imagine an open

Why You Should Hire Professional Wedding

Hiring services of the best wedding photographers is very important. It ensures that you get the best quality photos for your wedding. Weddings are very special events in the lives of many people. This can be attributed to the fact that weddings happen once in the lives of many people. As such, many people want to have something that will remind them of the events of this day. Photos are among the major items that can always remind one of what happens during a wedding. A good photographer knows how to capture important parts and aspects of a wedding in a photo.

If you want to remember your wedding long after it has happened, then you should hire the best and professional wedding photographers. During the wedding, many events will happen once. To capture them all in a photo, it requires professionalism and experience. Activities such as exchanging of the ring, kissing for the first time and also the first dance are very important in a wedding. When you hire a good photographer, you can rest assured that you will have quality photos to show your grandchildren long after the wedding. These events will most likely not

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

Wedding is one of the most wonderful days for women and also for men. It’s the day of big celebration and beautiful moments. The main casts for the said event is the Bride and Groom. The happy moments must be captured to remember what happens on that very special day. As of today, the technologies of DSLR cameras have evolved into a much better way of capturing events such as wedding. Since it is a very special day for everyone, the bride and groom must hired someone who is highly skilled photographer who can create a story from its captured photos. Family and Friends will be on the wedding day they should also be included in the whole story.

The couple hired a photographer for pre-nuptial photo shoot and same photographer for the wedding day. Now, if you are planning for a big day of your life, you also want to highlights the beautiful moments of it. Isn’t? If the answer is YES, then you must follow some tips on how to hire a wedding photographer.

1. Asking and Searching – On the event of planning your wedding you should have include the wedding photographer. Ask

Wedding Photography Capture Candid

Your wedding plans have taken up a big chunk of your time and effort, at last the big day is upon you and you wanted to make sure that all the hard work that you put into your wedding plans will not be put to waste. Wedding photography offer services that’s priceless. The photographers are simply amazing and are able to capture fabulous wedding pictures.

Weddings are one of the most important occasions in one’s life that’s why choosing the best photographer can save you from spending a lot of money and definitely not be disappointed with the outcome. The solution in order to avoid mistakes when making your decision as to the choice of your photographer is not to scrimp and automatically take anybody because the offer is way too affordable. The best way to check on a photographer’s skill is to ask for his portfolio and ensure that you get to see pictures taken from several different weddings.

Note that one of the biggest difficulty photographers have is lighting. Lighting can make or break your photos. Insufficient lighting won’t yield great shots. That is why most couples would want to do test shots using

Questions for Your Wedding Photographer

During every consultation with a potential client, the bride opens her wedding organizer and flips to her copy of the ten most important questions to ask a wedding photographer.

No question is a bad question. I’ll politely answer any question she asks. But these top-ten-lists printed in wedding magazines don’t go far enough. So, take your list of ten questions and add a few more that I’ve written in this article. They will greatly improve the information you get from photographers.

Do you accept family portrait lists?

Every photographer should accept this list. It’s essential to accomplishing the job you’ve hired him for. Write down the name of every family member to appear in each portrait. Review the list with your photographer, and he’ll tell you how much time will be needed to take every picture.

Do you carry liability insurance? Every wedding vendor should have a minimum $1 million liability policy. This insurance covers accidents or damage the photographer may cause while working. You don’t want to end up responsible for their damage. Protect yourself.

Will you make changes to the contract?

Many photographers object to changing their contracts for

Choosing and Booking Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers everywhere are moving towards an innovative, modern style of wedding photography. No longer are formal poses and stiff group shots the centrepiece of a wedding album. Vibrant energy, fun and style shine through, as photographers bring fashion photography or photo-journalism experience to the wedding scene. A new genre of photography with very individual styles is evolving, making the choice of photographer for your wedding even more important.

In Cape Town, for example, where the beautiful landscapes of its surroundings have long been a favoured location for fashion and advertising shoots, many wedding photographers are inspired to bring those elements of style to their photography. The bride becomes the top model in a photo spread worthy of publishing in Vogue, with the gorgeous backdrops of mountains, vines and historic buildings provided by Cape Town’s stunning wedding venues adding a special dimension to those wedding photos.

Just as every fashion photographer has their own style, so has every wedding photographer, so brides-to-be searching for a photographer to capture their big day, need to examine each portfolio just as carefully as that Vogue editor planning shoots six months ahead. In fact a bride often needs to plan

Wedding Ideas Preparing Invitations

Special occasions in life always need special care and wedding is such an occasion when all your creativity and energy should show its full potential. People tend to put lot of time and money in working out innovative wedding ideas, to make their wedding memorable and special. This article will discuss some of the latest wedding preparations and wedding ideas.

The first part of wedding planning is, of course getting people informed. Be it your friends or relatives, you need to break the news and let the people know about the special event in your life if possible in special way. Innovative wedding invitations are one of the latest trends in this regard.

Printed cards plugged with flowers sent through post or delivered directly was one of the favorites invitation methods. Another way for making it special is surprise phone calls. The latest trend is breaking the news with a surprise graphic package.

Email invitations were popular for some times. Customized e-Invitation is the latest trend. With the development of graphics an animation technology you can now create innovative graphical invitations with your photos and music to match your wedding theme. These invitations can be

Wedding Photography

If you are a good photographer, and you’re considering getting into the wedding photography field, thinking outside the box can be a good idea.

More and more couples these days are looking to make their ceremonies and everything that is a part of them unique, and one way to do this is to have pictures taken that are not considered the “normal” kind.

As a photographer, you can brand yourself as someone who stands out from the crowd because of your innovative ideas for marriage ceremony pictures.

Getting the Word Out

If you’re going to specialize in something other than the standard type of wedding photography, you want people to know this! It’s important that you don’t just put up ads saying that you take pictures at marriages, because people will automatically assume you take the standard types of pictures.

Come up with a good name for your business, one that reflects your particular spin on taking wedding photos. Create a good slogan, and some sales copy that lets people know that they’re going to get uniqueness when they hire you.

Personalizing for the Couple

One of the ways of being

Wedding Photography Ideas You Might Want To Try

Most professional photographers these days are coming up with a line-up of unique concepts that can effectively cater to the distinct personalities of the subjects. The trends in wedding photography are always changing. They are recognizing that not all couples are conventional and want to follow the traditional fairy-tale concept where everything is bright and perfect; therefore, they offer innovative and flexible concepts that are more fitting for these special clients.

But the cool thing is that these slightly out-of-the-ordinary wedding photography themes are becoming the trends, claim professional photographers. Wedding photography that effectively represents the distinctive style preferences of today’s couples is now becoming really popular.

Listed below are the current extraordinary trends in wedding photography expert photographers highly recommend for soon-to-wed couples that want a break from tradition.

Vintage Black and White

A lot of brides actually particularly love the vintage appeal of black and white photographs. Vintage never really gets “old,” and the black and white treatment for photos is applicable to all the other wedding photography trends. Whether couples are having a classic and romantic hall wedding, or having a hippie style ceremony and reception in the woods, the vintage

Gift Ideas for Photo Canvas

Photos on canvas are art pieces that can be used as a good gift idea to someone special. If you are one of those people who are seeking for a special gift idea for your loved one on special occasions, you might want to consider making canvas arts using photographs.

As of today, there are a lot of companies offering custom canvas prints to potential clients who are fond of making canvas wall arts which rapidly turned into photographs on canvas, making this work of art as a form of artistic creation. Both professional and non-professional photographers will be able to make their captured digital images into a framed canvas prints.

A perfect gift for any occasions- photo canvas arts are somehow one of the innovative ways to present a special gift to friends and relatives. Here are some great ideas to where photo canvas prints could be used with.

Wedding Pictures

Weddings are one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life. It is where they exchange their love vows with each other and keep promises to last forever. Photos for this event will surely be an ideal image detail for canvas arts

Simple Steps to Make Your Wedding

When Queen Victoria turned her back on the traditional silver wedding dress of her day and chose to wear white, a color which for her symbolized purity, she solidified a growing trend into tradition.

Young brides around England began following in their queen’s footsteps, and generations down the line when the memory of a young queen’s rebellion is lost and the pure color of the dress is taken for granted, you are probably following too, searching for that perfect ivory dress for that perfect day. The bride and groom are plagued by many questions: how can they and their family afford a wonderful wedding? How can they show one another how important they are to each? How to spice up the wedding–make it traditional, yet innovative? A little creative thinking goes a long way.

When it comes time to give your new spouse a wedding gift, what could be more romantic than giving him or her a place among the stars? Literally. The International Star Registry is the final arbiter when it comes to naming stars.

It has named them for dignitaries and celebrities around the world, and for a mere $48 your loved one

Successful Wedding Photographers

It may be your passion to maintain a book which would entirely consist of wedding photographs. In order to maintain a successful wedding photographers book, it is necessary for you to take a stock of a few wedding photography books. If you are a beginner, this stock of collection would definitely help you.

It has been the task of the such photographers to maintain a book of their collection. In order to fulfill your desire, you need to collect these. Since wedding photography is a huge collection, the responsibility of collection and maintenance is also quite huge.

In this article, we will give you few tips from successful wedding photographers so that you can easily make a successful photographers book.

With change in time, there is also a change in style. You should always try to put forward your new and innovative ideas while you click the wedding photos and maintain a book. As a result, it is necessary for you to keep your eyes and ears open while you take the wedding photos.

You will not require any extraordinary portfolio. When you click and show the sample of your photographs to any one,

Winter Wedding Photos

The winter season may give you lots of wonderful memories, despite the freezing weather. If you are planning to have a winter wedding, it will be much advantageous in many ways. The following are several ideas to make your winter wedding very memorable, unique and fun.


Use your creative juices to the max and try out your ideas regarding the theme and winter gowns that would generate theatrical effect to the event. During this season you can book any venues without difficulty, hence planning can be a lot easier for you, as well as managing the whole event.


Consider the number of your guests when looking for a venue. Ensure that the place has an efficient heating system to avoid causing chill and discomfort to your guests. The place can be a historic palace, mansion, castle or your favorite club or a nearby inn. The guests should get to access the area easily even if there is an expected increase in snowfall, thus, checking the vicinity of your venue prior the event will certainly give you the heads up. On your winter wedding, photos are a must, so make sure there are